Useful Travel Tips for Individuals in Wheelchairs

A disability or illness shouldn’t hinder you from traveling. For people in wheelchairs, finding activities and accommodations that favor them may require extra preparation and planning. However, some destinations make traveling comfortable and safe for people with disabilities. Here are some of the travel tips that will make your overall experience better if you’re a person in a wheelchair. 

Before You Leave Home 

The first step in your travel process should be selecting a destination that is favorable for people with disabilities. Therefore, research different destinations to choose a place that provides facilities and activities that people in wheelchairs can engage in. 

Start by listing down the activities you wish to engage in. Contact your travel agent or hotel to ensure that you can engage in those activities when you travel. Additionally, call the tour operator, hotel, and airline before leaving to remind them that you’re a person in a wheelchair. 

When Traveling 

When going through the airport, bus or train station, arrive early. In most cases, people with disabilities are given priority by most carriers. However, you might go through additional security checks or customs with a wheelchair. Make sure that your electric wheelchair is in a neutral mode for easy manipulation in cargo space. You can pack removable parts like batteries in the carry-on luggage. 

Safety Tips 

Plan your trip carefully with safety in mind. For instance, check with the travel agent to find out more about the activities you can safely engage in when traveling. Also, consider your safety at the travel destination and accessibility of different facilities. If in doubt of your security, consider changing your travel destination. Avoid any travel activity that makes you feel unsafe. 

It’s also important to ensure that your wheelchair is in proper condition before you travel. And, if you use medications, make sure that you have adequate supply before you travel.