Tips for International Travel While Pregnant

Traveling is an incredible experience that even pregnancy should not bar you from. While there are some reservations about traveling during pregnancy, better planning and a few tips can help you to easily overcome the fears and make the adventure truly memorable. The following tips for international travel while pregnant can enable you to achieve that goal. 

Get the Right Timing for your Trip

Pregnancy comes with a series of symptoms like nausea, leg cramps, and fatigue that can significantly change your overall moods and wellbeing. As such, it is important to plan the trips when these symptoms are at their lowest. The second trimester (14 to 27 weeks) is the best time to travel. 

The symptoms are quite severe during the first trimester and, traveling at such times could be overwhelming. It is advisable to avoid international travel during your third trimester, especially if there are risks of pre-term delivery. If you have a healthy pregnancy, you can travel until the month before your delivery date. 

Check with your Airline or Cruise about any Regulations for Pregnant Travelers 

Airlines and cruises have different policies for pregnant passengers. Most airlines today require that pregnant women who are scheduled to deliver within a month after departure should provide a note from their doctor showing that they are fit to travel. Some also have restrictions on how late into the pregnancy a woman can travel. So, make sure that you know your airline or cruise policy for pregnant passengers before buying the ticket. 

Choose your Travel Destination Wisely 

Due to the high metabolism rates experienced during pregnancy, hot and humid climates may not be very good. If you visit a tropical destination, it is advisable to book air-conditioned accommodation and transport. When choosing the travel destination, you should also consider the fact that some places are high risks for infectious diseases and may require additional vaccinations and medications to visit. 

Buy Travel Insurance 

Buying travel insurance will ensure coverage in case of pregnancy complications or other health emergencies that may come up during the trip. However, you should be keen to get a travel insurance package that offers international medical care. 

Whether you plan to travel internationally for just a few days, weeks or several months, your health and safety as well as that of the baby should always take precedence. Take time to prepare well for the trip and, consult with your doctor about the measures on how to stay healthy and safe during the adventure.