Tips for Traveling when on Dialysis

Living with kidney failure is life-threatening but, it could also be more intimidating if you are confined to a bed or your compound the whole time. Traveling offers you the opportunity to shed off some of the stress and, also uplift your spirits. It could be a great way for a more relaxed and fun recovery. Read the following tips for traveling when on dialysis to ensure smooth and enjoyable adventures. 

Discuss with your Doctor about Suitable Options for Dialysis 

Being on dialysis means you will be constantly undergoing treatments mainly by taking medications. When planning the trip, it’s critical to talk to your doctor about your fitness for travel and options for staying on treatment on the road. The main options for traveling when on dialysis include. 

  • Peritoneal dialysis: This is relatively easy since it can be done almost anywhere, provided the environment is clean and hygienic. 
  • Hemodialysis: This is where you will need to visit a hemodialysis unit at the travel destination to undergo the exchanges. There are lots of such units around the world but, you should make arrangements early. 

In case your doctor disapproves of your travel plans, it is advisable to cancel or reschedule the trip. 

Plan Things Well in Advance 

Early planning is always very important for travelers on dialysis. The planning should cover all your needs and activities throughout the trip. However, your health should be given precedence. Start by making the appointments for your dialysis about six months before departure to avoid surprises. Do a little research to find and compare the available dialysis units at your intended destination. The plan should also have a contingency in case things get out of hand on the road. 

Make Every Moment Count 

You never know what might happen along the road but, focusing on the fears will only ruin the experience. Instead, use the adventure as an opportunity to create new memories and take a step at a time. 

Nothing is alarming about traveling when on dialysis. With the tips discussed above and a better plan, you can easily make every trip unique and fun.