What to Wear when Traveling

After spending months planning and several hours packing for a trip, choosing what to wear should be the least of your worries. However, the decision on what to wear requires proper thought because it will determine your comfort throughout the trip. In case you are having trouble figuring out how to dress when traveling, check out the following tips for help. 

Comfortable Pants 

Whether you spend many or just a few hours on the plane, it is always important to wear comfortable pants that do not squeeze your thighs and legs. Consider wearing pants that are a bit lose or can stretch to keep you comfortable. A nice fitting pair of jeans and sweatpants can do the trick for both men and women. 

Relaxed tops 

Wearing a tight top when traveling will only make you feel uneasy and cause so much sweating. Instead, choose light and soft shirt, blouse or t-shirt made of cotton or silk. A thin knit top could also be a great pick for traveling. Since it can sometimes get cold in the cabin, you should wear relaxed tops with ¾ or long sleeves. In case you are wearing a shirt or blouse, you may also want to include an undergarment like a t-shirt. 

Flat shoes and Slip-Ons 

There are many things that you will do on foot before departure including going through customs, luggage inspections, and others. Besides, sitting on a plane can also cause fatigue on your feet. Therefore, you should avoid high heeled shoes or closed footwear that will keep your feet crammed. Traveling in sneakers, slip-on or nice flats can prevent all the stress to ensure better comfort. 

Jacket, Cardigan, and Scarf 

Apart from the cold temperatures in airplanes, the weather in certain transit points and travel destinations can be intolerant. For convenience and safety, wear a jacket or cardigan and remember to also carry a scarf. 

When choosing what to wear when traveling, you should consider the distance of the trip, means of travel and weather. Overall, wear something that you feel good in and will not jeopardize your comfort. 
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